My perfume story so far…

I grew up surrounded by gardens full of blooming roses, jasmine, tuberose and many other strong smelling florals. I love all of these smells. All the floral scents are now considered as old lady like just like floral prints in general. Of course there is exception to this opinion. There is always a niche group that would do what they like.

Before I established completely what I like or don’t like, I used to wear a light citrusy scent as that was all “grown up” but not “old lady like” and something appropriate for corporate lifestyle that I dreamt of. I finally outgrew the citrusy, extremely popular, no 1 seller “Light Blue” from Dolce&Gabbana. I didn’t wear a perfume for couple of years as I couldn’t find a right perfume for me. I kept looking at most of the mass market fragrances. One fine day a sales associate at Sephora told me that if you don’t like any of these and are looking for a good one, then maybe you should go to Barney’s and you will find the right one. This changed it all for me.

I tried a few perfumes there, brands that I had never heard of. Finally I tried “Musc Ravageur”. I couldn’t stop smelling my wrist for hours. This got me interested into reading about perfumes. The more I read, the more interested I was in knowing more, trying different ones, figuring out what I like and don’t like, why, patterns etc… I came to appreciate the art of perfumery. Its now a full time hobby. to read, to learn to try….

From now on I will write about the perfumes that I try and if there is a significant perfume memory that I have.